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A Guide to Reading and Writing About Informational Text


Students are required to read and understand text at various complexity levels and in many different formats. This guide provides information, tools and suggestions to help them read informational text across all curriculum areas so that they can use critical thinking skills to apply what they have learned.

Essential Questions

  • What do good readers do?
  • How does what I am reading influence how I should read it?

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Lexile Levels

Reading Survey

Professional Development Resources

Scaffolding Observation Activity

The exercise below, which can be found on the Teaching Chanel,  gives teachers the opportunity to observe and comment on how reading strategies are used in a lesson. You can see examples of how a teacher engages the students by connecting the lesson to something they can relate to, and how she uses strategies such as modeling, familiarizing students with vocabulary, and using a graphic organizer.

Observation Challenge: Scaffolding for Student Success

By looking closely at the video and sharing observations, we can learn how to improve our practices.

How to get started

Watch this segment of the lesson in Lindsay Young's class where students are working on building literary anaysis skills. Specific strategies are pointed out and you are asked to notice what makes them work and point out any other strategies you notice. In this observation challenge, the discussion feature uses the posts to share with others.





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